There are literally hundreds of remedial options available to mitigate various environmental conditions. Hagerty Environmental understands that the Client’s primary interest is not in the type of remedy selected but that the selected remedy achieves the project objectives quickly and cost-effectively. This is a critical decision point in the project since the cost of remediation constitutes a majority of the overall project costs.

Whether it is soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, or a combination thereof that are impacted, the success of a project lies in the ability to select the most appropriate remedy based on the site-specific characteristics (impacted media, contaminants, physical constraints, project goals, regulatory climate). Unlike many of our competitors, we do not advocate for or have a preferred remedy. Our selection process is based purely on the technical and strategic aspects of the project. Hagerty personnel have first-hand experience overseeing and implementing a large variety of physical, chemical and biological environmental remedies, both in-situ and ex-situ. These remedies include excavation and disposal, sediment dredging and capping, capping/containment, stabilization/solidification, in-situ chemical oxidation, biotreatment, soil vapor extraction and air sparging, to name a few.

Following remedy selection and concurrence with the Client, Hagerty can provide all related implementation services including remedial design, construction management and oversight, operation and maintenance, sampling and closure documentation.

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