Hagerty Environmental engineering personnel consist of experienced professional engineers, professional geologists and engineering support staff, including computer-aided design (CAD) technicians. These personnel have extensive experience evaluating, selecting and designing the most appropriate solution for various civil and environmental challenges and understand the consequences of not conducting these phases correctly.

In many cases, the design phase begins with a pre-design investigation, bench-scale studies or pilot tests in order to confirm the appropriateness of the selected remedy and/or to generate design data. Once this phase is complete, our engineers prepare a detailed design package, complete with construction details, construction specifications and bid documents (if appropriate and requested). It is this information that is used collectively to construct the actual remedy and to manage the project through closure.

The remedy selection and remedial design (RD) phases of an environmental project are critical to the success and closure of the site since they dictate precisely how the remedy will be constructed and completed. The same applies for civil engineering projects (e.g., dam reconstruction, grading plans, E&S plans, etc.). For the RD phase, the biggest pitfalls are preparing a design package that does not achieve the intended remedial goal or that looks good on paper but is not constructable. Hagerty design personnel have years of experience “in the field” managing and overseeing the implementation of various civil and environmental engineering designs. Our staff have served in numerous capacities in the field, including construction quality control (CQC), construction quality assurance (CQA), resident engineer, Owner’s representative, independent quality assurance and construction management. It is this field experience that allows Hagerty Environmental to produce practical, constructable engineering solutions.

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