Environmental Project Management and Construction Management are similar in title but quite different in practice. Both services are associated with large, multifaceted environmental or construction projects, but are integrated at different levels or phases of the project. Regardless of the service, these functions are vital to the efficient progress and successful completion of any large project.

Environmental Project Support Services

Environmental Project Management/Support services offered by Hagerty Environmental include:

  • Engineering Support for Insurance Company Underwriting and Claims Divisions
  • Environmental Project Coordination, including Multi-Party Sites
  • Project Planning and Strategy
  • Technical Team Coordination and Management
  • Regulatory Liaison and Negotiation Support
  • Project Presentations to Stakeholders, Attorneys or Regulators

Construction Management Services

Hagerty personnel have functioned at all levels of the construction industry and can therefore offer the following services:

  • Contractor Oversight and Management, including Owners on-site Representative
  • Quality Control (QC) Services
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Services
  • Independent Quality Assurance at PRP-lead CERCLA sites
  • Resident Engineering Services
  • Constructability Review / Value Engineering

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