Environmental site assessments, or ESAs, are typically conducted as part of a real estate transaction or as an initial evaluation of a property with an unknown or questionable environmental history. Hagerty Environmental, LLC conducts each ESA with the Client’s best interest at hand and considering the particular aspects of the property. We understand the difference between an ESA on a parcel of farmland and an ESA on an abandoned industrial facility. We also understand that the Client wants a timely, economical and accurate ESA without extraneous research and useless information.

ESAs are conducted in accordance with procedures established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the industry standards for ESAs. Depending on the level of assessment desired by the Client or appropriate for the project, the ASTM standards include Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Transaction Screen Process (ASTM E 1528), Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process (ASTM E1527) and Standard Guide for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process (ASTM E 1903). A typical Phase I ESA consists of the following investigatory activities, at a minimum:

  1. 1. Records review,
  2. 2. Site reconnaissance,
  3. 3. Interviews and
  4. 4. Report.

Phase I ESAs are intended to identify if the property is subject to “recognized environmental conditions” (REC) and to satisfy EPA’s new “all appropriate inquiry” (AAI) rule (40 CFR Part 312) released on November 1, 2005. Phase I ESAs must be conducted in accordance with the AAI requirements (including owner involvement) in order to make a claim under one of the following CERCLA Liability Protections:

  • Innocent landowner;
  • Contiguous property owner; or
  • Bona fide prospective purchaser.

Hagerty Environmental, LLC has the personnel and resources to conduct ESAs locally, nationally and internationally and in the time-frame to suit your project’s needs. Qualifications of our staff meet the requirements of ASTM 1527-05 for “Environmental Professionals (EP),” which is required for an AAI-compliant ESA.

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The remedial investigation (RI) phase is critical to the success and closure of an environmental project since it dictates the direction in which a project will proceed. Hagerty Environmental understands the magnitude of an appropriately-planned and executed RI and the consequences of not conducting these investigations correctly. There is a keen difference between collecting too much data, not enough data and altogether the wrong data.

Hagerty Environmental personnel consist of highly experienced professional geologists, professional engineers and technical support staff. These personnel have extensive experience investigating environmental impacts to soil, surface water, groundwater, sediment and air and designing complex environmental remedies based on the RI data.

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