The land development process, from initial due diligence and land acquisition through improvement and construction, involves many interdisciplinary phases. Each phase requires a unique set of skills and experience to efficiently and cost-effectively move the project through the permitting and approval process. Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial development, Hagerty Environmental professional engineers, geologists and environmental scientists have a wide range of project-specific experience to assist in the development process. Typical services offered by our firm include:

  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Hydrogeologic Studies for Water Supply and On-lot Sewage Disposal
  • On-Lot Sewage Treatment Design
  • Innovative Nitrate Sewage Treatment Systems
  • Civil/Site Design Engineering
  • Hydraulic Analyses (Flood Studies)
  • Geotechnical Evaluations
  • Local and State Permitting Support
  • Stormwater Management and E&S Plans/Permitting
  • Environmental Investigation and Remediation

Hagerty Environmental understands that the developer is less interested in the specific technical work being conducted and more interested in knowing that the project is being managed/engineered in a cost-effective manner and with the goal of regulatory approval. In other words, we understand that our services are a “means to an end.”

With the increasing opposition from the public and municipalities to land development, clients need an experienced engineering and environmental consulting firm to make sure the interests of the client and project are well represented and that the municipality does not exceed its authority.

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